Chargers Advance to Southern California Regional Final

Chargers Advance to Southern California Regional Final

Cerritos, CA - The Cypress College Men's Tennis team traveled to No. 2 Cerritos College to take on the Falcons in the Semi-Finals of the Southern California Dual-Team Regional Championships.  The Chargers avenged their loss earlier in the season by defeating Cerritos 5-1 and advancing to the finals against Conference rival Irvine Valley College. 

In doubes, the Chargers came out strong and fast to take early leads in the bottom two doubles positions. At number three doubles, the duo of Thomas Kyle and Ingmar Remmerswaal jumped ahead early and never looked back securing the first point for the Chargers in the match. At number two doubles, the tandem of Gertjan De Wilder and Yubo Chen broke early and often to take advantage of their opponents and cruised to a victory. At number one doubles, sophomores Maximilien Blancaneaux and Vincent Reynaud played had a close, tough match at first but eventually began pulling ahead and defeated their opponents soundly 8-3. 

Taking a 3-0 lead into singles play the Chargers played intense and confident. Sophomore Captain Maximilien Blancaneaux lead his team and capture the fourth point of the match for Cypress as he avenged his earlier 3 set, 4 hour loss this season by defeating Sasha Krasnov soundly 6-1, 6-2. Cerritos captured the point against Cypress at number six singles, but Sophomore Thomas Kyle clinched the match for the Chargers with his victory at number 3 singles. Kyle played focused and aggressive to secure the win for Cypress and send the Chargers into the Southern California Dual Team Finals.  

"This was a very good match for us.  We played well and really came together as a team. I'm extremely proud of our team and how they conducted themselves. We really rose to the challenge.  We are eager to play in the finals against our conference rivals this Saturday." 

The Men's Tennis team returns to the Southern California Dual Team Finals for the first time since 2011. Cypress will travel to Irvine Valley College to take on the Lazers this Saturday, April 22.  The match is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm. 


Final Scores:  Cypress College 5, Cerritos College 1 


1)  Maximilien Blancaneaux/Vincent Reynaud (Cyp) def.  Sasha Krasnov/Nikita Katsnelson (Cer)  8-3

2)  Yubo Chen/Gertjan De Wilder (Cyp) def.  Kwang Lee/Marcos Silvestre (Cer)  8-2

3)  Thomas Kyle/Ingmar Remmerswaal (Cyp) def.  Aleks Trifunovic/James Zhang (Cer)  8-2



1)  Maximilien Blancaneaux (Cyp) def. Sasha Krasnov (Cer)  6-1, 6-2

2)  Vincent Reynaud (Cyp) vs. Nakita Kastnelson (Cer)  6-7, 2-2 UNFINISHED

3)  Thomas Kyle (Cyp) def. Aleks Trifunovic (Cer)  6-1, 6-4*

4)  Yubo Chen (Cyp) vs. Bruno Duarte (Cer)  6-3, 3-2 UNFINISHED

5)  Petrus Botha (Cyp) vs. James Zhang (Cer)  3-6, 2-3 UNIFINSHED

6)  Ingmar Remmerswaal (Cyp) lost to Carlos Mendez/Calzada (Cer)  6-3, 6-4


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