Chargers Go 1-1 In Conference Matches

Chargers Go 1-1 In Conference Matches

Huntington Beach, CA - The Cypress College Beach Volleyball Team (4-5, 3-3) took a tough 4-1 loss to Golden West (9-1, 6-0) before sweeping Saddleback (0-5, 0-5) 4-0 on Friday afternoon. 

The Chargers struggled in their opening series against Golden West as their no. 1 pair, Dominique Parker and Rockelle Gholson, lost a tightly contested match in two sets (23-21, 23-21). No. 3 Amy Crowell and Kayla Pace were swept 2-0 as did No. 4 pair Jazmyn Covington and Sarah McFaddin, but No. 2 Madison May and Cierra Boaz salvaged a single point after beating Cassidy Paperny and Daisy Gonzalez in three sets (21-19, 19-21, 15-10). 

Cypress' fortune changed for the better against Saddleback with a resounding sweep. The Gauchos were short two teams and the Chargers did not give up more than 9 points in a single set. No. 2 pair Madison May and Cierra Boaz won their match against Camilla Howe and Sophia McCormack by the widest margin (21-2, 21-2). 


Cypress: 1 Golden West: 4

1. Jazmine Hogan/Jill Pineda (Golden West) def. Dominique Parker/Rockelle Gholson (Cypress) 23-21, 23-21

2. Madison May/Cierra Boaz (Cypress) def. Cassidy Paperny/Daisy Gonzalez (Golden West) 21-19, 19-21, 15-10

3. Annie Ellis/Antoni Perry (Golden West) def. Amy Crowell/Kayla Pace (Cypress) 21-18, 21-12

4. Alyson Utke/Kate Stanovich (Golden West) def. Jazmyn Covington/Sarah McFaddin 21-13, 22-20

5. Kelsey Osgood/Baileigh Graham (Golden West) def. Cypress (Forfeit) 


Cypress: 4 Saddleback: 0

1. Dominique Parker/Rockelle Gholson (Cypress) def. Morgan Horkac/Chasticy Gonzalez (Saddleback) 21-7, 21-9

2. Madison May/Cierra Boaz (Cypress) def. Camilla Howe/Sophia McCormack (Saddleback) 21-2, 21-2

3. Jazmyn Covington/Sarah McFaddin (Cypress) def. Keanalyn Wolford/Camilla Howe (Saddleback) 21-7. 21-5

4. Amy Crowell/Kayla Pace (Cypress) def. Saddleback (Forfeit)

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