Chargers Defeat Santa Ana & Fall to IVC

Chargers Defeat Santa Ana & Fall to IVC

Irvine, CA- The Cypress College beach volleyball team (3-3, 2-2 OEC) defeated Santa Ana 3-2 and were swept by Irvine Valley 5-0 in Orange Empire Conference play on Friday afternoon.

Cypress: 0           Irvine Valley: 5

  1. Hailee Earnest/Carlee Roethlisberger (IVC) def. Cierra Boaz/Susan Suski (Cypress) 22-20, 18-21, 7-15 
  2. Kayla Scheevel/Hannah Matt (IVC) def. Dominique Parker/Rockelle Gholson (Cypress) 21-17, 15-21, 13-15
  3. Emily Reinking/Olivia Aguilar (IVC) def. Ivana Escobar/Madison May (Cypress) 8-21, 13-21
  4. Alissa Blevins/Rachael Woods (IVC) def. Amy Crowell/Jazmyn Covington (Cypress) 7-21, 10-21
  5. Brittany Tuliau/Taylor Askins (IVC) def. Cypress (Forfeit)

Cypress: 3           Santa Ana: 2

  1. Cierra Boaz/Susan Suski (Cypress) def. Chloe Anderson/Trinh Ngoc Nguyen (Santa Ana) 21-18, 10-21, 15-8
  2. Dominique Parker/Rockelle Gholson (Cypress) def. Myriah Kunipo/Michelle Nguyen (Santa Ana) 21-18, 13-21, 15-11
  3. Ivana Escobar/Madison May (Cypress) def. Esther Arroyo/Haylie Slater (Santa Ana) 21-10, 21-16
  4. Alejandrina Alejandro/Madison Logan (Santa Ana) def. Amy Crowell/Jazmyn Covington (Cypress) 15-21, 17-21
  5. Briana Fonseca/Tierra Lloyd (Santa Ana) def. Cypress (Forfeit)


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